Collection 2021

Skillfully crafted wood is protagonist of the latest Meridiani collections, involving the products in a continuous dialogue between shape and material.

In perfect harmony, the sartorial upholsteries with covers in fabric, leather or precious saddle leather reflect the values of that craftsmanship at the foundation of the brand’s timeless allure. Interior projects are thus designed and bespoke as much as a tailored suit, and the interiors are conceived to 'dress' and perfectly suit those who live there telling their identity. Home as the reflection of the style of its inhabitants, without compromises.

Let yourself be inspired

The products of the collection


TERESA | © Meridiani | All Right Reserved TERESA
TERESINA | © Meridiani | All Right Reserved TERESINA

Chairs and stools

EMILIA | © Meridiani | All Right Reserved EMILIA
TERESINA | © Meridiani | All Right Reserved TERESINA

Low tables

VITTORIO | © Meridiani | All Right Reserved VITTORIO