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Meridiani stands out in the furniture scene thanks to its contemporary and at the same time versatile collections, which interpret home as a dress to wear.
Neat and pure shapes along with a constant research for new materials and textures suggest a sophisticated way of living everyday life. A distinguished and recognizable style and identity always offer new sources of inspiration and at the same time leave space for personal interpretation. Craftsmanship and manual skills, know-how and deep knowledge of materials and techniques for a 100% made in Italy collection.


After thirty-plus years of experience in the furniture sector in the production of upholstered items, Renato Crosti established Meridiani in 1996 thanks to a passionate idea of his wife Laura Ferraro Crosti and of the designer Andrea Parisio, still today art director of the brand. 

Meridiani has immediately distinguished itself on the international markets thanks to its refined collections and a wide and rich textile proposal; the brand has become in a few years a synonym for quality and timeless elegance, proposing interior design projects far from temporary trends yet always up to date.

The first mono-brand space was opened in Milan in 2000; the brand counts today on a widespread distribution with mono-brand Stores and retailers in more than fifty Countries around the world.

In 2016 Meridiani joined the Italian holding Italian Design Brands, with the goal to strengthen its already important presence on the international markets and develop synergies in innovative areas through processes of digital transformation, shared commercial strategies and new distribution channels such as Contract projects.

The Territory

The headquarters of Meridiani are in Misinto, a town located about twenty km North of Milan in the Brianza area. Brianza has always been a land rich of ideas, a place where entrepreneurship and manual skills have played a major role. Here are the roots of the brand identity, where the traditional production expertise is still alive thanks to the heritage of craftsmanship combined with experimentation and innovation.

The irreplaceable work of the artisans conveys to interior projects the allure of unique hand-made pieces - symbols of the know-how of the Brianza area.

© Meridiani | All Right Reserved
© Meridiani | All Right Reserved

The Collections

Furnishings for the living and the dining area, as well as for the night area and the outdoor: meticulous signs, precise proportions, essential volumes. The Open-Air collections recall the interiors in the details, in the precious materials, in the artisanal craftmanship that makes no distinction between inside and outside.

Timeless collections, elegant and without frills, essential but still vivacious, modern but with no compromises with temporary trends. A recognizable style, an inspiring new classic that leaves space for personal interpretation.

Precious textiles stolen from the richest wardrobe: linen, cotton, velvet and chenille, elegant textures are skillfully transformed into couches, beds, seats. The softness of full grain leather and the strength of hide are emphasized by seams inspired by saddlery.

The finishes are carefully selected: metals perfectly match the colors of the lacquers, the different wood essences, the marbles and the resin; the latter, thanks to its completely artisanal processing gives life to unique pieces and surfaces full of reflections and depth-effects.


Art director and designer of MERIDIANI, Andrea Parisio was born in 1964 in Lodi, in the North of Italy; he attended the European Design Institute in Milan and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Pavia.
He started his cooperation with Laura Ferraro Crosti after his experience in designing interior projects for residential and commercial spaces and later in 1996 the first store in Milan was inaugurated: a dedicated space / lab of ideas, where he designed and showcased the first products of the collection. Over the years the collection has been enriched and expanded, and the constant collaboration with the designer has guaranteed to the brand a consistent and homogeneous growth in terms of style.

As an art director Andrea Parisio oversees the coordination of the brand image, as well as of the corporate flagship stores and the exhibition displays at the furniture shows worldwide. He lives and works in Milan.

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Made in Italy

Original MERIDIANI products result from best materials, careful manufacturing, and accurate quality controls: expertise, know-how and care for details are guaranteed by artisans whose work goes side by side with industrial processes.

All original MERIDIANI products are accompanied by a warranty certificate.

100% MADE IN ITALY certification
When purchasing an original MERIDIANI product, customers are guaranteed with a certified product. Every item is accompanied by a certificate which guarantees the Italian origin and quality of the purchased products. The 100% MADE IN ITALY certification requires careful verifications to make sure the entire production cycle takes place in Italy.

Key Numbers

1996 year of establishment

75 workers

1 production site in Misinto: 10.000 mq
made in Italy

68.000 m of sewed fabric a year

5.900 m² of sewed leather a year

Global presence in more than 50 Countries in the world

© Meridiani | All Right Reserved
© Meridiani | All Right Reserved


Timeless collections

Contemporary and versatile style

Meticulous signs, precise proportions, essential volumes

Comfortable objects

“Beautiful and well done”

Intensely Italian production and lifestyle

Artisanal skills and technical know-how

Deep knowledge of materials

Precious and refined materials

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