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Material inspiration

Materials are the protagonists of the “Meridiani Materials” video installation. A tale of handcraft, reflections, texture, and attention to details told through production pictures directly shown on the finished products and the surfaces of which they are made of.


Meridiani's fabrics wrap the products with the care proper to tailoring labs, enhancing the purity of the fibers and highlighting the brightness and softness of the weaves. As in a journey of inspiration that uncovers itself through colors, textures, and weaves, Meridiani's wide fabric collection is an endless creative and emotional path, visual and tactile.

Saddle Leather

The essence of traditional craftsmanship, saddler leather is a noble and favored material in Meridiani's collections. Its lasting character, endurance, and enfolding texture lend timeless gentleness and authority to products, transforming environments into welcoming spaces to touch, experience, and fall in love with.


Meridiani celebrates wood as the keeper of stories and memories, where every grain is a tale and every knot is a proof of authenticity. Meridiani's wood furnishings speak the language of nature and create a space that is both a haven and an expression of style, blending beauty and design, grace and comfort, serenity and warmth.


Marble, poetry carved in stone, is the beating heart of Meridiani's material culture and aesthetic style. The innate vitality of marble, shaped by the skilled hands of artisans, adds a touch of real art to each piece of furniture, creating a dance of lights and shades on the surfaces that emphasizes the natural sculptural beauty of each finish.


Fresh and shiny, strong and modern. Metal creates plays of reflections and shadows that lend depth and energy to objects, bringing us different worlds of expressive possibilities. In Meridiani's collection, metal becomes a hymn to solidity and boldness, the balanced melody of a clean and fascinating design.

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Craftsmanship, reflections, surfaces and care for details are the keywords for the finishes proposed by Meridiani. The careful research on materials and the skills of our artisans give life to an ample selection of finishes that make every single product in our collection unique.


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Our collections of fabrics and leathers offer an extremely wide selection of colors, textures and patterns to enrich and decorate all the areas of your home. Threads give life to skillfully woven fabrics and leathers are tanned by expert craftsmen to guarantee the highest quality.


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