The Open Air window in the center of Milan, at Via Durini 5 | Meridiani

The Open Air window in the center of Milan, at Via Durini 5

The Meridiani Point in Via Durini 5, at the windows of historic partner Bredaquaranta in Milan, hosts a renewed display dedicated to the 2024 outdoor collection. Here, Meridiani's new Open Air products welcome visitors at the entrance area, introducing them to a cozy environment furnished with the brand's latest outdoor creations.

The Vincent Open Air sofa and chaise longues invite people to join an oasis of pure comfort, designed by the emotional smoothness and aesthetic fullness of the soft seats, which find harmony of shapes in the spherical Bongo Open Air low tables. The various sizes of the Fabien Open Air low tables, on the other hand, are displayed as round dots of color that further define the character of the setting, embellished and decorated with the glazed lava stone tops in Red, Yellow, and Asparagus tones.

The high-quality of the fabrics, the refinement of the materials, and the gentle design of Meridiani's Open Air family are the background elements that sketch a picture of pleasant relaxation, recreating a restful open-air corner in the busy heart of Milan.


Design & Art Direction by Andrea Parisio


Via Durini 5, 20122 Milano