Oscar: the harmony of shapes becomes modular | Meridiani

Oscar: the harmony of shapes becomes modular

The letter O, circular in its graphic representation, is the starting point and source of inspiration for the Oscar collection, an image of harmony and wholeness.

The Oscar collection, presented among the news 2023 designed by Andrea Parisio and available in fixed sofa, relax chaise, and armchair, is now ready to become more dynamic and even more versatile, thanks to the possibility to combine relax chaises and armchairs to form modular sofas customized in shapes and sizes.

Like a pencil that makes gentle, continuous lines on paper in a drawing that links multiple sections together and narrates a story about a composition in the making, Oscar extends and reinforces the functional beauty of its single elements, allowing a broader seating area for even greater comfort.

Individual modules can be connected using retractable hook systems to develop different linear structures and puzzle games, which can also be matched with low tables and other complements to create an enriched living environment, thus organizing spaces according to preferences and needs.

Architectures with small spaces or wide rooms; furniture that expresses a classic taste or a more Mediterranean flavor: the Oscar collection, in both fixed and modular variants, can reflect the identity of multiple homes and the taste of those who live there, allowing people to enjoy the quality of an aesthetically elegant and unique Meridiani design style.