“IDB FOR ARTS”: Meridiani is where the art journey begins | Meridiani

“IDB FOR ARTS”: Meridiani is where the art journey begins

Italian Design Brands launches “IDB FOR ARTS”, to connect the essences of design and art in a long-term project, a path made of culture and beauty. And this art journey starts with Meridiani.

Italian Design Brands selected the Meridiani store in Via Manzoni 38, Milan, to display “Rotante Massimo, III” (1968), a prestigious sphere by the Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. The work, which measures 80 cm in diameter, is located on the first level of the Milanese store alongside Meridiani’s products to welcome visitors and offer them an experience throughout the creativity and pure craftsmanship.

“Magic and mystery”, according to Arnaldo Pomodoro, is what the spherical shape represents. A solid perfection to be preserved while also piquing the curiosity to discover the interior, to dig deep and touch the hidden material. The very same material that is the vital core of Meridiani’s know-how and the soul of its collections.

The artistic meeting of sculpture and design, two disciplines that share a common language and enhance both the passion and the high quality of Italian art, now ready to address an international audience as well. "Rotating Massimo, III", in fact, will travel with Meridiani even overseas, staying inside the brand’s new flagship store set to open in New York City in October 2023.


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