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A new look for Meridiani in Munich

The Studio in Munich is a space where Meridiani’s furniture communicate among each other into a domestic and exclusive dimension: a mono-brand space able to offer to dealers and interior designers an intimate and private stage on which the objects become the protagonists of a unique and universal living project.

Through a harmonious path between the company’s new products and the best-sellers, there are Harold and Timothy sofas - the living area protagonists - combined with Isabelle, Teresa, and Cecile armchairs and Vittorio, Belt, and Pek low tables with their neutral shades of white, beige, and bronze.

An invitation to discover also Meridiani’s outdoor world thanks to the Claud Open Air sofa composition together with the Joi Open Air bench and low table, and the Zoe Wood Open Air armchair: all made up with iroko wood enlivened by the Track carpet with a white-terracotta pattern.

The mono-brand space opened in collaboration with Dominique Fuchs Interior Agentur, is the place where the lines and the ultimate trends of interior design are defined. It is a reference point for the contemporary furniture in the south of Germany.


Maria-Theresia-Straße 5 München

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