One Thousand Museum | Meridiani

One Thousand Museum


A new, exclusive context houses the refined Meridiani collections in the United States: the Italian brand has furnished a large apartment on the 38th floor at the prestigious One Thousand Museum, the project signed by Zaha Hadid, and completed by Studio Zaha Hadid Architects.

Located in downtown Miami, this masterpiece of vertical concrete architecture hosts a residence of about 420 square metres, where the Meridiani furniture are both indoor as well as on the spacious terraces:  the neat lines and warm textures of the collections perfectly harmonize with the curved architectural shape of the building.

Meridiani reveals here all its ability to create welcoming and tailored solutions. Its versatile and timeless collections, the wide range of textures and shades of fabric and leather palettes allow to interpret always different projects, proposing with elegance and exclusivity the lifestyle of the brand in different settings.

The interior design bears the prestigious signature of Hernan Arriaga, a protagonist on the international scene with projects worldwide from the United States to the Middle East and Europe.


Photo Paul Stoppi