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Two souls enclosed in the same body: Teresina is a chair and a lounge small armchair marked by essential lines that take shape and structure thanks to the warmth and solidity of oak wood, skillfully crafted. Both comfort and aesthetics differ in the available versions, the “soft” one, more welcoming, with padded back and seat covered with the textiles and leathers in collection, and the “kuoio” one. The latter takes on a more gritty and decided look thanks to a saddle-leather body that defines back, armrests and seat: the particular saddle leather shape bound up to the oak frame draws a suspended seat that emphasizes its rigor. It is available a storage bag as an accessory, to be placed left or right, or even on both sides at your choice. This is how this collection recalls different suggestions depending on the finish and color chosen, creating versatile seats able to dress up and interpret every living context.

Product versions

chair | © Meridiani | All Rights Reserved
chair KUOIO | © Meridiani | All Rights Reserved
chair KUOIO
chair KUOIO 1 POCKET | © Meridiani | All Rights Reserved
chair KUOIO 2 POCKET | © Meridiani | All Rights Reserved
pocket | © Meridiani | All Rights Reserved
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Craftsmanship, reflections, surfaces and care for details are the key words for the finishes proposed by Meridiani. Find out here the finishes available for this product; for more details go to the configurator.

Saddle leather Wood
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Natural Saddle Leather Natural
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Brown Saddle Leather Brown
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Black Saddle Leather Black
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Olive Saddle Leather Olive
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Beige Saddle Leather Beige
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Grey Saddle Leather Grey
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Sand Saddle Leather Sand
Saddle leather Saddle Leather White Saddle Leather White
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Tobacco Saddle Leather Tobacco
Saddle leather Saddle Leather Cactus Saddle Leather Cactus
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Wood Black Oak Black Oak
Wood Light Oak Light Oak
Wood Tobacco Oak Tobacco Oak
Wood White Oak White Oak