New advertising campaign | Meridiani

New advertising campaign

Storie di case. (Stories of homes)

This is the claim of the new Meridiani worldwide advertising campaign, which will be ‘on air’ on the main international magazines starting July 2022. The new world-wide advertising campaign of Meridiani tells the story of the brand and its ability to create versatile collections, reflecting the personality of the home and its inhabitants.

A home in which architecture and natural landscape meet, giving life to a strongly evocative place: calm and silent environments, where the mystical and serene atmosphere pursues beauty with simple yet impactful shapes, enriched by a soft and unmistakable color palette.

The advertising campaign consists of two pages – one dedicated to the living room, one dedicated to the dining area. The absolute star of the living room is the René sofa from the 2022 collection, a project with great compositional flexibility, both in terms of available modules and in the combination of materials. The dining zone is dedicated to the Owen table, together with the chair Emilia in massive wood: here the table designed by Andrea Parisio in 2017 is proposed in an original version, with a precious ‘Giallo Siena’ marble.

An image that underlines Meridiani's ability to create an impactful total-look, in which the brand's collections play with the space to offer a complete proposal of interior design. Thanks to the continuous artistic direction of Andrea Parisio, the brand offers a recognizable and at the same time versatile identity, in which pieces of furniture, materials and finishes can be freely combined to create unmistakable personal projects.


Photo: Thomas Pagani
Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio
Graphic: VZNstudio