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Meridiani Roadshow: Nature is home


The Roadshow “Nature is home” arrives in the region of Lazio: Anzalone Mobili in Rome hosts the fifth stop of the travelling exhibition dedicated to design, which moulds around the materials and the colours of nature. The inspiring topic is Foliage, which involves a living area and a dining area, where the nature creates material suggestions and animates the products with its colours, like the autumn red, and its materials like wood, marble, and natural fibres.

On this occasion we have interviewed Francesco Anzalone, the owner of Anzalone Mobili, with whom we talked about the present and the future of furniture design.

·          What does it mean being a furniture retailer today?

We are not a single retailer, but a team of specialists, designers, and art designers available for the clients and their design needs. It is necessary to guide people through the choice of furniture for their house by combining taste, space, and comfort. Our job goes beyond this because the installation and the after-sales phases are essential factors which make the clients feel comfortable and supported during the entire house renovation process. Nowadays the concept of a team available to the client has a significant role rather than the simple idea of “furniture retailer” as it was some years ago. The retailer must help the clients to make a design choice suitable to their needs through the creation of a mood board which can show a leitmotif into the environment creation.

·         How does the way of designing (and living) spaces change in the post-pandemic era? 

The clients had the opportunity to live more their houses, and they noticed the need of fluid spaces. It has often happened to place a home workstation into the living room without giving up to the aesthetic of the house. For this reason, creating a comfort area for the clients was the design goal: everyone felt the need to find its own space and this one was a combination of functionality and aesthetic.

·         Which are the 3 keywords of the design and customer service in an increasingly demanding and ever-changing world?

-       Innovation

-       Customer experience

-       Think positive, aware design


COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: The store of the future…

…is chameleonic because it needs to change and adjust to the future; digital to try to make a project real in the most truthful way; evocative to allow the clients finding inspiration and ideas which they will create together with the designer.


We look forward to seeing you there:

14 February 2022 – 10 April 2022 > FOLIAGE inspiration

Anzalone Mobili, Roma – Via Cesare Castiglioni, 14,