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Meridiani Roadshow: Nature is home


The Roadshow “Nature is home” is now on show in the Italian region of Veneto: L’Ambiente at Motta di Livenza hosts the fourth stop of the travelling exhibition dedicated to design, which moulds around the materials and the colours of nature. The inspiring topic is Foliage, which involves a living and dining area where the nature creates material suggestions and animates the products with its colours like the autumn red, and its materials like the woods, the marble, and the natural fibres

On this occasion we have interviewed Ombretta Dal Zin, the owner of L’Ambiente, with whom we have talked about the present and the future of the furniture design.

·          What does it mean to be a furniture retailer today?

Nowadays we cannot define us as furniture retailers anymore. What we would like to offer to our clients is a complete planning which allows to show an interior design that starts with the material proposal for the house’s walls, the lighting project, and the furniture offer. The furnishing consultant must be also a psychologist to interpret the needs and the tastes of the client, and to talk to create a bond of trust and a customised living space. Our shops are not only a showcase representing a home space – the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom, the bathroom – but they also dedicate a space for planning with the client whose protagonist is the material: wood, resin, ceramic, fabrics, and colours.

·         How does it change the space design and (living) way in the post-pandemic era?

The lockdown obliged people to stay at home and to live the home’s spaces in a different way than the past, with new feelings. The desire of more comforts, functionality, and beauty gave rise a need of reviewing the living spaces. On some occasions there has been the necessity of creating an office, a gym or even a garden in already defined spaces. For this reason, the spaces have become multifunctional and even convertible through solutions which do not damage and enhance the home liveability. A method to create these kinds of solution is to employ minimal furniture styles. Living the home in this way led the client to further explore his sensibility about his environmental impact, and for this reason, the choice of sustainable furniture is meant for the daily life and shows an increasingly green awareness. The desire of an external space is a need of physical and mental wellness. The lockdown has simply underlined the importance of trivial things we took for granted. Being locked into closed spaces gave rise a need to enjoy open spaces or areas dedicated to the personal wellness.

·         What are the 3 keywords of design and customer service in an increasingly demanding and changing world?

Creativity, Functionality, Rationality.

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: The future store is…

…a space where the technology joins the reality. The table is not only a simple table, but an object which interacts with the user. The project becomes a live-to-be experience.


We look forward to seeing you there:

6 December 2021 – 28 January 2022 > FOLIAGE inspiration

L’Ambiente, Motta di Livenza (TV), Italy – Via Pordenone, 27,