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Meridiani Roadshow: Nature is home


The Roadshow “Nature is home” arrives at Milan: Spotti’s shop-showroom hosts the third stop of the travelling exhibition dedicated to design, which moulds around the materials and colours of nature. The inspiring topic is Forest, which involves a living and a dining area, where the nature creates material suggestions and animates the products with its colours like the green of the forest, and its materials like wood, marble, and natural fibres.

On this occasion we have interviewed Claudio Spotti, CEO of Spotti, with whom we talked about the present and the future of furniture design.

·          What does it mean being a furniture retailer?

Being a furniture retailer means to have consolidated relationships with the design institutional brands, and to discover the most interesting brands that appearance on the scene. It means to contaminate this field with ideas and offers which can be able to complete the concept of home. It means being able to create an own and customised style, adjustable according to the needs and desires of the client. All this to support the client in a customised purchase experience in all the phases of the project, from the design to the installation.

·         How does the way of designing (and living) spaces change in the post-pandemic era? 

People have rediscovered the value of home as a nest able to welcome and to be adjusted. The houses have become fluid environments, able to transform themselves according to the needs of everyone. People are also more inclined to invest in their houses to have more long-lasting furniture, being aware that the quality can make the difference. The current trend is to be surrounded by natural materials to create pleasant and timeless environments.

·         Which are the 3 keywords of the design and customer service in an increasingly demanding and ever-changing world?

Trust: counting on someone to furniture your house is like giving the keys of it. For this reason, the trust is the most important thing.

Research: curiosity pushes you beyond design boundaries through a fluid path which creates connections with art, handcraft, and all that surrounds us.

Completeness: professionalism and experience allow to create a complete universe where it is possible to find everything: the product and the service, mass-produced or tailor-made objects.


COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: The Store of the future…

…is a real or intangible place where there is an exclusive path, and the client is the protagonist of this experience. Design and purchase will be increasingly part of a knowing and sharing activity meant to help the client to express his needs.


We look forward to seeing you there:

9 November 2021 – 22 January 2022 > FOREST inspiration

Spotti, Milano – viale Piave 27,