Meridiani House flies to Copenhagen | Meridiani

Meridiani House flies to Copenhagen

From Italy to Denmark: Meridiani House flies to northern Europe to officially unveil the Meridiani House in Copenhagen, inaugurating it during the annual 3daysofdesign festival (June 12-14, 2024).

Launched in Milan during Design Week 2024 with the Meridiani House at Corso Venezia 29 , the brand's new exhibition project gives birth to the first international Meridiani House. As the result of a four-handed collaboration between Andrea Parisio, Meridiani's designer and art director, and Christine Callsen, a renowned Danish designer and long-standing brand partner, Meridiani House Copenhagen by Christine Callsen is a five-room apartment furnished with Meridiani collections. Each area has its own expressive vitality while still contributing to the overall harmony of a Danish-style house. In the two living rooms, the Harold and Timothy sofas are the main characters, creating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that is complemented by the preciousness of the Bongo and Adrian low tables’ tops in black platinum steel and Oro Calacatta marble finishes, respectively. The sculptural Plinto table surrounded by dark Sylvie chairs, on the other hand, dominates the dining area, providing a play of hues with the tearoom, which is defined by a composition of the soft René sofa in white. In the bedroom, the juxtaposition finally focuses on materials, where the marble tops of the Pek night tables contrast with the softness of the upholstered headboard of the Tuyo bed. 

Following the path outlined by Storie di case - Meridiani's concept book showing the adaptability of its products -, Andrea Parisio's Italian soul and Christine Callsen's Danish stamp have made the Meridiani House in Copenhagen a synthesis of the brand's versatility and local spirit, a connection of multiple elements that make up the ideal euphony for a place that feels like home.


Strandvejen 163, 2th
2900 Hellerup