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Meridiani and Hapi House

Meridiani and Hapi House: a stylish, deeply personal project.

After many years of collaboration with the brand, Christine Callsen is now launching a stylish and deeply personal project: Hapi House is a splendid apartment in Copenhagen furnished by Meridiani which represents an intense, vivacious interpretation of the brand’s collections.

Located in a prestigious brick-building not far away from the royal palace and the world-renown ‘Little Mermaid’, the apartment wholly develops the theme of colors: in every room, hints of pink and yellow convey a vibrant atmosphere. There’s no formula for interior decoration, and Hapi House is an invitation to individuality- a path to create meaningful and personal spaces. 

In the sitting room, the white Louis sofa plays in a scheme of colors with the Cecile and Keeton Fit armchairs and with the reflections of the Belt low tables with mirror tops; the Adrian and Hardy low tables show themselves in an unprecedented, pink-lacquered version.

In a corner, the Bongo low table with bronzed top is set next to the Josephine armchair which plays the role of the protagonist, covered up in bubble-pink velvet, same as the Belmon small armchairs - suddenly smoothened in their rigorous shapes; in the same space, the Harold elements in white mark their space with their modularity. The Lenny Fit sofa in its pure elegance is made less serious by the colorful cushions.

An unprecedented project and collaboration, which at the same time shows the versatility of the brand and pays homage to the long-lasting collaboration with the Danish interior designer.


Photo credits: Davide Lovatti 
Partner Christine Callsen Copenhagen