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A set of suggestions and atmospheres to evoke the style of a project. Engadina is inspired by the homonymous mountain valley in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, when it dresses up with its snowy white coat in winter and looks like a picture postcard. Dense forests, scenic lakes, rarefied atmospheres yet full of light: Herman Hesse describes it as a "paradise only seen in dreams". Warm fabrics, bouclé effects and geometric patterns with touches of red and blue, but also natural shades to blend into the enchantment of nature and the wood of mountain chalets. The charm of Engadine - the true ‘chic’- is its idyllic and unchanged landscape which calls to mind the pictorial works of Giovanni Segantini - the set of colors and materials that reflect the inside and the outside for a proposal that can convey moments of vibrant, poetic, beauty.