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A set of suggestions and atmospheres to evoke the style of a project. Open to the world and to everything coming from the outside, thanks to its immense harbor overlooking the Elbe, Hamburg is a city with two faces: rich and bourgeois on one side, welcoming and underground on the other. Water is the main element of this metropolis which has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam: the river walk is lined with futuristic houses, art galleries and shops with the most different historical and cultural facets. This crossroad of transports and architectural elements tells the essence of Hamburg: this is how unpredictable shades of blue and gray - like the sky of this city - mix with stronger colors like purple, always mitigated by whites that make a warm and relaxed atmosphere more surprising. The geometric pied-de-poule, reinterpreted as a macro-pattern, makes the proposal even more sophisticated, but at the same time non-conformist.